TreeHugs is a multipurpose crowd-funding website intends to help bring meaningful projects to life.
UI concept
3 people
Figma, Adobe XD
Mar - May 2018
Prototype demo

01. Challenge & goal

Helping others makes us feel good about ourselves, but finding fundraising projects and volunteer opportunities can be a frustrating process, involving multiple web searches and volunteer websites. It would be easier to bring donors, volunteers and organisations together if all of the information was in one place.

How might we design a platform for sponsors and donors that provides accessibility to fundraising projects relevant to their interest, while invoking sense of trust and security?

02. Research

Target audience

Fundraising platforms' target audience is normally categorised on the basis of values and interests the audience hold dear. However, audience can generally be classified into three major groups, namely corporate sponsor or partner, individual donor, and volunteer.


We started with a secondary research on each target audience group to have a brief understanding of their background and motivations for crowd-funding works.

We then moved on to conducting quantitative research to have a better grasp at the common significance users value. We also captured the typical pain points they face when looking for platforms and projects to commit.

Those who did not engage in any fundraising event was also involved in research, in favour of understanding any relevant underlying reasons together with possible alternatives they might prefer than monetary contribution.


For each target group, we created a persona profile that represented their struggles and tasks they wanted to fullfill when engaging in fundraising activity. It helped us to have a more thorough insight on our potential users.

03. Ideation

Login and sign up flow

Donation flow

04. Execution

Registration forms

Depending on user's personal purpose of joining the TreeHugs community, they can either register as a donor or volunteer. Each form has its own steps asking for specific information.


Existing users can navigate to Log in page to proceed.

Donation forms

As users find a campaign or charity event they are interested in, they can show their support by register to join the event as a participant, or donate to help realising the event.

According to users' personal need, they can decide to make a donation under their name or anonymously as a gift or in honour of others. Donation form is made as clear and simple as possible to help users proceed without too much confusion.

Users can switch between options, either making donation or registering for the event using the buttons.